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#362445 - I was reading an article about a woman who liked to have cum over her food so it gave me the idea of feeding my wife and her friends my creamy cum, if l knew her friends were visiting l would cum into a container and store my creamy load, when my wife’s friends arrived l would be the perfect host and make them a drink adding my special creamy liquid l never got any complaints that the tea or coffee tasted strange. The marriage only lasted 2 years and we went our separate ways, l moved home just before Christmas and went to family party, l had a strange experience when the party ended. Sometimes if Jay went to the shops l would go to his parents room take a pair of his mother’s knickers and fit them onto a pillow and fuck the pillow imagining my cock was up her pussy, l always cum quickly or if l knew Jay wasn’t going to be long l would take his mother’s knickers home, tear a hole in the crutch as they were always double lined, making sure the hole was big enough for my cock to fit in

Read Fake Tits Ippai Dechau!? Morrita Ippai Dechau!?

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Sailor neptune
We really can say that this guy is lucky which bitch suck like that g
This is good pm me if you want some of this too
Yukari sahashi
Such a sexy body
Touya mochizuki
Serika kurusugawa
I like it