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#392469 - let me go back to the began as you are probably wondering how all this started it was the year 2020 mankind had just built their first star explore and jack was sent to over look its maiden flight but jack was not human in fact he was not even a bit human he was a Umbra or shadow in human. When the man get closer Lucie she could smell he had been drinking and it was not a pleasant smell even for an Umbra which have higher sense so to you ir would smell sick, but to Lucie it smelled like he claimed out of a dumpster then toke a shower with alcohol it was that unpleasant as he got close she heard him say OK miss there was another like you but we could not get to him in time before he was taken by the us. Their was also something that Jack did not like about him, it was as if the man was their to use Jack to win wars or test weapons on.

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