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#239078 - Our session was interrupted by Beth yelling into my sleeping compartment asking if we were going to get breakfast, l told her to go on ahead and we’ll catch her up as l was just giving Steph her breakfast. Steph and Karan were kissing as l started to fuck her then asked if she was comfortable lifted her legs and began fucking her faster, l got my mouth to her tits and sucked them hard not realising l was leaving marks then it was time to shoot my load up inside Karan and said ‘l’m cumin’, she broke from her kissing with Steph and let out ‘l don’t want a baby’ and before l could answer Steph told her not to worry as l leave my sperm seed in her all the time, but it was too late anyway as l had started emptying my balls inside Karan. It was gone 10.

Read Punished Naisho no IV Satsuei-kai - The idolmaster Big Dicks Naisho no IV Satsuei-kai

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Kuroha shida
Very nice
Oriko seki
Ok even tho the dad cheated on the girl for her to just have the balls to just take his own son and bribe him with her body is just messed up tbh